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Our Objectives

Aqua Africa will provide industry actors with something new every minute of every business day to assist them reach new heights in

  •   Farmed fish business
  •   Maritime transportation
  •   Tourism
  •   Mineral, oil and gas exploration
  •   Governance, employment creation and poverty eradication
  •   Marine ecosystem

Areas of Aqua Coverage

Aqua has 9 areas of coverage i.e. aqua-business ,aqua-technology, aqua-markets, aqua-entrepreneurs, aqua-leadership, aqua-financing, aqua-life, aqua-opinions.


homepage for aqua will feature African aquaculture and blue-economy news, business news analysis, ideas and projects.

Commerce: trade, hotels and marine/lake sporting

Energy: oil and gas exploration under water

Manufacturing: Materials (chemicals, capital goods makers), aerospace, autos, electrical machinery, consumer durables.

Services: Business, commercial and insurance and financial services.

Regulations: How the latest legislation impacts aqua businesses and investing in local aqua businesses


Information on starting, maintaining, and growing aqua business In today’s global economy.

Finance: Covers everything from raising capital to selling a business.

Human Resources: Deals with how to keep employees inspired--and how to deal with little things like healthcar

Law & Taxation: Demystifies tangled legal issues, upcoming legislation, and the tax code.

Sales & Marketing: Offers insight on how to separate customers from their money--and keep them happy doing it

Management: Addresses the nitty-gritty of running aqua business on a day-to-basis as well as plotting future growth strategies.


News, analyses, and data about the world's market.

    Aqua life

How to savor the rewards of aqua business success: what determines successful breeding of fish aquaculture/mariculture.